Monday, July 25, 2011

Clifton Henderson "What Can I do for You?"

Clifton Henderson / Broker
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Hello,    Home of the "Quick Sale Program"  Known for Our 4.5% Sale Commission Program.  It expensive enough for a Home Owner to sell with out Agent charging 6-7% commission, we know that the Home Owner needs a break!.  Right now, we have teamed up with "Old Republic Home Warranty" to offer a Free comprehensive Home Warranty to your buyer for letting us List & Sell your home!!   Been Selling Real Estate for 14 years.  Know the end and outs to make the process enjoyable. 

  • Phase one: 
  • Your property will go into the local MLS. This increases the amount of times your listing is pulled in the public Real Estate Sights. Truila, Zillow,, Too many web sight to mention here. 

  1. Alabama will go into the Mobile & Baldwin County MLS's for double exposure
  2. Florida will go into the My Florida MLS (17 boards & 7 counties) 

  • Sign to acknowledge your property is for sale to all the potential buyer's

  1. Currently using Google Phone Number that captures 

  • Sentri Lock boxes: These are the safest key entry systems. It tracks what Realtor enter the listing and when. Only Reatlors have Sentri Keys.  (In south Baldwin,   A one day code system is used since they do not use Sentri.) 
  • Phase Two: This is the exciting Part
  • Your Listing will have a Virtual Tour Picture link that bring your property to the top of the Buyer's search on public sites.       
  • The Virtual Tours  will circulate on the World Wide Web. The biggest advantage to this is that more and more buyer's are using their Smart Phones for Google searches and guess what? Virtual Tours show up there also.
  • Marketing to Real Estate Agents***** In the MLS, there is a section for agent notes to shares with other agents. (Hidden from the public. ) To me this is the most important tool to sell your property since it will be a Realtor that will bring an offer to the table. Not only is my job to get buyers directed to your property but Agents as well. (To this day, I can not figure out why other agents have not figure this out)
  • Regular Listing Program: This program is design to assist Seller's bring their property to the market with the attention it requires.  Our market program reaches thousand of viewers a day
 Requirement are that the property be priced in the CMA range. With the age of the Internet, Buyer's are more educated now and know the average retail for the homes they are searching for.   I had rather not list and be friends instead of listing a property priced to high and you get mad / disappointed at me because it has not shown at all.  The Rule has always been the same:
Property will sell when priced right based up Condition and Needs
  • The Expired Program: This is where you property failed to sell on the "Buyer's Market"  either because the price did not match the market or the price did not match the condition of the property.      Since your property has already been marketed on the public sights... A more aggressive approach is required to get it "Sold"
  • Expired Listing Special
  • 1.5% to List 2.75% for Buyer's Agent commission.   Regardless of the Listing Price, No upfront Fee's. Commission paid at Closing!!

No Matter which Realtor you choose as your agent
They must all Obey these Commandments!!
  1. To provide services honestly and in good faith
  2. To exercise reasonable care and skill
  3. To keep confidential and information gain in confidence, unless disclosure is required by law or duty to a client, the information become public knowledge, or disclosure is authorized in writing.
  4. Present all written offers promptly to the seller
  5. Answer your questions completely and accurately
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